Live Events on Snapchat

Snapchat’s “Live” section is pretty impressive. If I open it up at the moment, then I see “Sport Relief Games”, “Persian New Year”, “France v. England” and “200 mph in Australia”.

Tap any of those, and it takes you into a Snapchat story for that event: a curated feed of Snaps from people at the event. It’s a mixture of content from the public, celebrities, people behind the scenes, and (in some territories) adverts.

Snapchat has had contextual stickers for a long time: you might get a Big Ben sticker to overlay in London, or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Right now, I even get one for the specific district of Berlin that I live in, as well as Persian New Year.

The custom stickers are what have really impressed me about the “Live” section of Snapchat. Some examples are probably easier:

Live score from England v. France, current standings of the Australian Grand Prix, and some Hamilton facts.

Snapchat is doing a great job of capturing things you’d never see on TV. The signal-to-noise ratio is really high too. I watched about 90 seconds of Snaps from the F1 and knew who finished where, how fast Hamilton averaged last year, saw the nasty crash, had commentary from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and got a genuine feel for the atmosphere. It’s far better than sitting through a three-hour live stream on Periscope.

I can’t think of a better platform for experiencing an event like this from afar. The “Live” section is an underrated part of Snapchat, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they use it for.

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