There were a few Medium posts floating around in the gap between 2015 and 2016, from colleagues past and present. I really liked Jami’s way of tracking goals, and Diana’s list of books from the year made me feel a bit guilty for only having read a single book in 2015. Oops.

So, before January is over and done with, I thought I’d put my goals into writing in the hope that the fear of public failure will spur me on. Here they are:

Read more books

I spend too much time looking at my phone and refreshing Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, and so on. Reading something substantial feels like a much better use of this ‘dead’ time. I’ve signed up for Goodreads (add me), and I’ve got a nice mix of books lined up on my Kindle. I’m going to try not to read too many ‘heavy’ technical books – I’m aiming for more fiction. Send me your recommendations!

Listen to more podcasts

I’ve been getting into podcasts again recently. It started with the Adam Buxton podcast over Christmas, followed by Distraction Pieces. James recommended the Gimlet podcasts to me, and I’ve been really enjoying them. StartUp’s Diversity Report talked about Gimlet’s own issues, and Surprisingly Awesome managed to make broccoli interesting. I had to stop listening to this episode of Reply All in the office today, because my eye got a bit wet.

Write more

In case you hadn’t guessed already, I’m going to give Medium a go. I’m going to stop feeling the pressure to write long posts (I like the idea of responding to other posts here), and not write dry technical posts.

Let’s see how it goes!

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