My Entry For Emanate Community Pilot Rep

My name is Joseph Samuel Daniel, popularly known as samstickkz. I am a huge music fan and an enthusiast of blockchain technology.

As a musician, a drummer and a pianist, I have always been seeking for ways to make music better for artist and music producers around my reach.

I went as far as creating a blog to help young artist have their song on the internet as seen here, here and here. Although I couldn’t upgrade or make the service better, it sure shows how deep my passion for the music industry is and how far out of my comfort zone I would go to bring better services to the artist within and beyond my reach.


Ever since I came across emanate, I have never stopped tweeting or talking about Emanate in my meetups and seminars. I know emanate is the future of music and it is built on a blockchain that is ready for the future of blockchain mass adoption.

I still have that deep love for music and blockchain, I never miss music rehearsals and that desire to help make the music industry better is still very fresh. Joining emanate will make it easier for me to easily fulfill that dream with a team (the Emanate team) that shares the same vision and purpose.

having made contacts with some big music names in West Africa, it will be easier to help pilot the vision and solution that emanate has brought to the music industry to these artists and others.

Application for 100,000EMT Loan

As one of the stated requirements, an emanate rep is required to have at least 100,000 EMT token, but I currently hold a little above 3000 EMT in my accounts (account 1, account 2). for this reason, I would love to request for the 100,000 EMT token loan with the cap of 10% interest.

I look forward to bringing the core values of Emanate and its unique solution to the music industry in Africa and the world as a whole.


Joseph Samuel

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