Data Management Services for Start-up business

May 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Data Management Services

Data Management Services has the deep knowledge and resources you need to support diverse organizational needs, while reducing costs in optimizing your data assets. Data Management Services for Start-up business quality of managing data is often challenging due to complex relationships, limited infrastructure, lack of data conforming to business rules, and sensitivity of data. Data Management Services offers services in the areas of E-governance processing, insurance back office processing, record keeping, and back office for BFSI clientele and telecom, data management requirements of large corporations. A rapid change in raw material costs, product demand and human resource availability requires customers to invest in enterprise data integration that can support rapid decision making and help improve operational results.

Data Management Services

Data management services researches identifies opportunities and analyze strategy for storage vendors, integration services firms, cloud storage service provider, and channel organization that market and deliver storage professional and support services. Data management for start-up business services provides them with valuable insights to leverage opportunities in the emerging cloud-based storage market, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), cloud-based backup, file collaboration, archiving, and replication services. Our database management services are better aligned to business objectives, and as a result more efficient and effective.

Services used in Data Management Services

· Data management for research and trading teams

· Database performance analysis and tuning

· Data ETL, validation and maintenance

· Database managed services

· Sentiment and alternate data analysis

· Chart Abstraction / Data Collection

· Statistical Analysis

· Case Report Form creation with annotations

· Complete eCRF design with electronic data validation checks and form controls

· Creation of Data Management Plans

· Manual Review / Data Cleaning

· Query Management

· Medical Coding

· SAS Programming

· Serious Adverse Event Reporting Reconciliation

· Quality Assurance

· Pharmacovigilance

· Database health check services

· Data visualization and dashboards

· Database backup and recovery services

· Sales and CRM analytics

· Meta data management

· Database upgrade services

· Web based data management tools

Benefits of Data Management Services

· Single source for information from multiple systems of records

· Complete, Correct, Consistence information which supports for achieving smart business decisions

· Useful and effective data analysis

· Uncovering data that can be decommissioned and archived

· Data that is immediately available from the Go-Live event and beyond the Assets

· Lowering the cost incurred on excess inventory and over runs

· Increased usability and business efficiency

· Eliminate the risk associated while integrating data from legacy system to new application

· Cost efficiency

· Reduces instances of data loss.

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