Leaving Co-op Digital

Today is my last day at Co-op Digital. It’s been a shorter tenure than I imagined but I’ve had lots of fun and learned plenty along the way.

I started working on our Member Voice team, focusing on Join In and other ways of having different types of conversations with members. I helped relaunch Co-op membership and took over the membership website shortly afterwards — it’s a high-traffic site and this has presented some interesting engineering challenges.

During my time at The Co-op, I’ve also enjoyed working on building the team and the engineering community of practice. After having a stormy relationship with HR at eBay, it was a pleasure to work with professionals who “get it” — just like so many teams around the Co-op.

Thank you to everybody at The Co-op for having me. It’s a fantastic place to work and a unique organisation, and I’d recommend it to anyone. As an engineer, I’d definitely consider it the best place to be in Manchester.

Thank you to Georgina for hiring me (and at short notice!) and giving me loads of space to get involved with different stuff. Thanks Rob for guiding me and for the work you’ve done building up engineering excellence at The Co-op.

So long, 13th Floor!

So what’s next?

I’m joining Resident.ly as a Co-Founder and CTO. There are loads of great opportunities in Manchester at the moment but when I heard the plan (to fix renting), I didn’t have a choice but to get on board. More about that next week. Happy weekend!