Design Process is a Myth
Marc Hemeon

Thanks for sharing Marc. But—what’s the difference between calling it a “loose outline” and a “process”? I don’t think anyone said process has to be the same between designers, but what you’re describing is the process you use to design?

Designing by instinct will work in isolation, but surely in between teams and between projects, you will need a way to ensure consistent success.

I’ve seen many teams comprising great, top of their game, designers produce a terrible product at the end because their process fell down, expectations diverged and communication went awry. My experience with building teams has been that despite the obvious necessity of great talent, a team’s ability to work as a unit is of vital importance.

Of course—I think your overall point, that we shouldn’t blame process for all our mistakes or look to it to solve all our problems, is excellent and timeless.

(P.S. could it be dangerous saying “there are only 3 metrics that matter” when in reality it’s probably either more or less, depending on your situation?)

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