Unpolished Visuals and the Rise of the Second Account

For the last 3 years, my Instagram account has been my living portfolio. One that I continue to update on a regular basis to bring myself new jobs and opportunities. The longer I go without adding a portfolio worthy piece, the worse it looks for me as a creative. It’s living and breathing, and therefore must continue to grow as a never-ending stream.

The Main Account

It’s not uncommon for me to spend a few hours creating a single photo for Instagram. After years of this, it seems like there is an immense pressure to create something of high standard. I know that people are looking at my account and judging it as a portfolio. Often times I’ll hold off posting something that I feel is not up to par. This is a recursive cycle and really eats away at me as a creative.

The Side Account

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with a side account. I wanted an outlet to create on a consistent basis, without the pressure. To purposefully make things more casual, I have given myself two rules;

  • the photo must be taken and edited on my iPhone
  • the photo must be posted within 1 hour of capture

Cutting out these variables actually holds some real significance. My thought process for my main Instagram account is “What is something awesome I can make?” Now on my side account, my thought process is “What is something awesome I can make with my iPhone right here and now?” Introducing these restrictions takes pressure off the creative process. If it’s not the best photo ever, well that’s okay. That’s the point. It just has to be the best photo I can make right here and now.

In the past, my friend actually suggested having a second account. One to use as an ongoing portfolio, and the other to push myself to create on a consistent basis. Originally, I scoffed at the idea, thinking that whatever I have to say, I should be able to articulate in a way that is elegant enough to live on my main account.

What do you think? Is having two separate accounts helping or hurting my creativity? You can find them at @SamTheCobra and @RightNowIAm.