Spider Man Should Watch Anime

Spider Man: Homecoming opened last weekend to top-tier reviews and big box office bucks. However fans are pointing out a major continuity error: Peter Parker never watches anime.

Homecoming’s Parker is a 15 year old high school sophomore attending an elite science high school in Queens. However not once does he reference Naruto, One Piece, or one of literally thousands of beloved anime franchises. Parker never shouts his attack move names before executing them, or poses dramatically before knocking a villain into the sunset. He never wears a Naruto headband even for a second.

the ninja boy naruto

In one iconic scene Parker runs into his best friend Ned building a lego death star in his bedroom. Parker’s bedroom is decked out with a chess set, science equipment, and star wars memorabilia. It is conspicuously bereft of shonen jumps, hatsune miku posters, one punch man figurines, and gundam model kits.

Spider Man Homecoming / Marvel

Some commenters have observed that perhaps Spidey is too consumed with his own superhero endeavors to enjoy Anime. This still does not explain his best friend Ned, who clearly watches anime, yet never compares Parker to one of the many heroes in My Hero Academia. Ned does not even wear a crunchyroll t-shirt, something he clearly owns and cherishes.

two boys who clearly watch anime

Fans holding out hope that Spider Man will scream a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure quote will have to wait for Homecoming’s sequel in 2019. Hopefully before then Marvel gets the message: Spider Man Should Watch Anime.

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