On Feelings

She said, "laugh with me Darling"
She said, "let me see you smile"
"Glow with joy", she said to me
"Let's be gay, a while."
I said, "For you I want to,
But I have no lamp with which to glow,
Only distant echoes of laughter past, 
Sounds too faint to ever know."

She said, "In that case, weep with me,
Cry, and let me share your pain, 
Mourn. Mourn joy lost, My dear, 
Mourn sorrow that remains."
I said I'd weep an ocean
For her I'd cry and never stop
But my well inside is empty and dry
Times of moisture long forgot

She said, "show me your face, my Dear"
She said, "Love, bare to me your heart
Let me see what is broken,
Show me what’s been torn apart"
I said, “It’s not a mask my dear,
It’s simply who I have become.
So, to introduce myself, 
Pleased to meet you, I am Numb.”

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