Re: Klopp’s proposed contract extension and FSG

The anti-FSG brigade are popping out again just in time for the new season. What are our owners playing at for heavens’ sake, the transfer window has been open for a colossal six whole days! Twitter never fails to impress with quite abruptly delusional claims, and I found gold today. According to one Liverpool fan I came across, FSG are offering Jürgen Klopp a contract extension solely as a PR stunt. I imagine the conversation in Boston went a little like this:

“So, why do you want to give Jürgen a new contract? I personally believe that it will bring stability to the club and it will demonstrate our loyalty to him considering his own loyalty to his previous clubs-”

“I didn’t really think about any of that myself, I just thought we could do it as a PR stunt.”

“You do realise, this is a pretty big deal? We’ll be paying him and his staff more money and if he were to f*** up it’d cost a lot more money to get rid of him. We have to think about this and be completely committed to it.”

“Look, as I said, let’s just do this as a PR stunt, whatever.”

What has caused these fans to think this is a PR stunt though? Transfers. Yes, even though Jürgen Klopp has completely bought into, and is happy with, FSG’s transfer system at the club (Paul Joyce), it’s all their fault. Even though Klopp has told us numerous times he has final say on any signings. And even though, if you do enough research, you’d realise that every one of our transfer targets has quite a solid link to either Klopp or one of his colleagues.

People are blasting FSG because we are after Ben Chilwell and not Jonas Hector. Don’t get me wrong, I’d personally take half a Hector before Chilwell, but this is not f****** FSG. KLOPP personally wants Chilwell according to all of the credible journalists (although this reporting is simply some sort of media conspiracy theory according to the #FSGOut clan). And it makes sense.

  • Klopp is best friends with David Wagner.
  • David Wagner is the manager of Huddersfield.
  • Ben Chilwell went on loan to Huddersfield last season and impressed.

What about Mané? Another Southampton player, and £30m! What are FSG playing at?

  • Klopp is close friends with Ralf Rangnick.
  • Ralf Rangnick was sporting director when Mané was at Salzburg.
  • According to credible journalists, Klopp has been following Mané since when he was at Salzburg.

Do you see the pattern? Klopp wanted Götze. According to his agent, we had a deal in place to sign him but the player pulled out, and some fans had the ignorant audacity to still pin this failure on FSG. What do you want them to do? Tie him up and hold him hostage?

At the end of the day, Jürgen Klopp is not going to sign any sort of contract extension if he is unhappy with the owners. And so it is quite evident that he is happy working with FSG. It is not the owners’ faults that hundreds of millions of pounds were wasted in the past on the likes of Benteke, Carroll, Downing, Adam, Borini. FSG wanted Klopp before they signed Rodgers in 2012. They now have the man they wanted all along, and he has the ultimate power over transfers. So instead of the tedious scapegoating rhetoric six days into the transfer window, how about we actually let Klopp have his first full season under FSG, and assess HIS new signings in May 2017?

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