Back to School Night is a Waste of
Maria Ryan

Maria, I couldn’t agree more. I stopped attending these years ago (my youngest of three is now a Junior) and love the free time every year they roll around. They are (like most things in government schools) a serious waste of time. I remember the last one I went to when my youngest was a freshman and wanted to discuss with the teachers a traumatic incident that happened to her and ask the teacher for some special attention to help her through a difficult transitioning time. I discovered that I had zero time to actually talk to the teacher in between the rush of the next wave of parents getting into the next session.

I find it more effective to make a phone call and make an appointment with the teacher at the beginning of a new session to sit down with them one on one in a relaxed atmosphere where we can both discuss things that may be important to each other without other people waiting behind you to do the same thing at BTSN.

The more time my kids spend inside government schools, the more time I wish I had paid attention during the years my oldest kids went. That way after they invested 15,000 hours of their life in k-12 they would be qualified for more than an artificially inflated minimum wage job. Lord knows what awaits my oldest after the student debt and a nearly useless super expensive degree in the coming years.

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