Damn Right Amazon Runs a Fucking Deficit and So Should America
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

The amount of money the government spends on military hardware used to skullfuck innocents and a few well deserving skullfuckers is skullfucking the american taxpayer wholesale and has resulted in the skullfuckng of our liberty, freedom and privacy thanks to the skullfuckery of the patriot act, the ndaa and the soon to be telephone shoved up our collective assholes splinter end first; the TPP.

Balance the budget? Maybe not. Spent our hard earned and stolen at the point of a gun money er… taxes in a manner that prevents from getting gangraped by the splinterpole-wielders as they skullfuck us? Yeah, I’m down with that… right after we have a regime change and vote in some people who can control the ugre to skullfuck…