How to Find Startup Jobs?

Finding a startup job is not always an easy task, here are some ways which may help you.

  1. Startup Jobs Websites:
    One best option is , there are many other site also available like AngelPad,Authentic Jobs,CrunchBoard,Hacker News,HireArt,Inside Startups etc
  2. Connect with “Start-up People” in Your Area:
    As you attend more networking events, you’ll hear some key names mentioned as great resources again and again — these are major “start-up-ers” that you should connect with. Whether they’re advisors or board members of current start-ups, or even venture capitalists, these people have likely become known as great resources because they’re intimately involved in the start-up community.
  3. Seek Out Start-up Events
    While New York City, Boston, and Silicon Valley are well-known start-up hubs, there’s a community of entrepreneurs in almost every city across the U.S. With a little research, you can find innovation labs, networking groups, and mentoring programs, all focused on start-up companies.
  4. Befriend a Start-up Recruiter
    Some recruiters deem themselves “start-up-ers,” too. Use LinkedIn to find them, or ask the people you meet at networking events — these recruiters are typically well-known in the start-up community.
  5. Target Start-ups Directly
    Try compiling a list of start-ups in your city by looking in a local business journal or searching online. Do some research to learn about each company’s history, values, and purpose.

Good Luck!

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