Taking Care of Teeth during Pregnancy

Samual Covey
Jan 12, 2018 · 3 min read
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When you are expecting a child, the very first thing you should be concerned about is your health. If you are not taking good care of your health, the complications may shift into your child. Among many other health aspects which are ignored, dental and oral health is the one that really shouldn’t. This is the reason that going to the family doctor and dentist in order to get health advice during pregnancy is the utmost requirement if you truly want to manage your pregnancy in the better way.

Dental appointments during pregnancy

While it is still important to take care of teeth during pregnancy, dentists usually suggest avoiding cosmetic and non-emergency dental treatments. Hence, if you have a filling to take care of, you need to get it done before getting pregnant. The reason is that these procedures may involve sedation, which can turn out to be very dangerous for pregnant women.

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The special care for teeth during pregnancy can be ensured with dental visits. Dentists would surely have alternate plans to help in cleaning your teeth.

Everyday dental care

While you need to brush your teeth after every meal, it becomes more important during pregnancy. The reason is that plaque and tartar are harmful not only for you but also for the baby. Furthermore, you should not quit your flossing habits when you expect a baby. Flossing helps you in keeping your gums healthy because flossing movement stimulates the gums.

Acid reflux and morning sickness

Most of the women suffer some side effects of pregnancy. Acid reflux and morning sickness are among the most common side effects. These side effects are basically connected to an upset stomach. Hence, most of the women vomit. It is well-known fact that vomiting leaves great amount of acid in the mouth. This acid presence is particularly dangerous for the teeth because it can cause erosion. Most of the women start brushing their teeth after vomiting. Well, it is an unwise thing to do because vomiting softens tooth enamel; and so brushing the teeth can give teeth enamel a permanent damage. The right thing to do in this scenario is to use baking soda, warm water and non-alcoholic mouthwash.

Diet during pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, the hardest thing for you would be to quit sugar intake. But sugar is something you will need to avoid at all costs. The first reason is that sugar is not that nutritious to give you and your baby the healthy support according to requirements. And then sugar remains to be harmful for your teeth as ever. Therefore, you should be looking for nutritious and healthy food resources rather than turning to sugar-rich snacks.

Furthermore, if you have the habit of smoking or alcohol consumption, you should strictly avoid it during pregnancy. In fact, this is the best time you can consider quitting these habits forever.

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