5 Lessons I Learnt as a PM at a Slackbot startup

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Bots are the new gold

All the hype surrounding bots has created an enviable momentum in the industry. But it is still, at the end of the day, a very nascent industry. And like in any gold rush, you can either be mining for gold (in which case you need a system to generate insights and execute on them, or luck) or selling pickaxes.

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Congratulations! You are an early adopter!

This post is about the lessons I learnt as a Product Manager at a Slack-bot startup. It might be useful for those people who are serious about mining for bot-gold, and don’t feel particularly lucky.

Lesson 1: The Old Usability Problems…

… are back in a new skin. …

Update (4/6/2017): Pogo is now Memo!

The Journey So Far

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It’s been an exciting first few months for Pogo!

Since we announced the Pogo.ai beta in July, we’ve had thousands of teams sign up and use Pogo in ways that we hadn’t even imagined! We have:

  • PokemonGo teams saving their gym details to Pogo so that they know which Pokemon is where, and coordinate attacks and defenses
  • Teachers saving resources they want to share with their students
  • Dungeons & Dragons players using Pogo to save and organize their maps and other details
  • DevOps teams using Pogo to manage their team’s knowledge of their servers
  • and many more use cases that we couldn’t even imagine! …

Facebook’s woes with people sharing original content (e.g. status updates, notes) have put the highlight on the war between the giants for original content. Linkedin’s acquisitions and subsequent integrations of Pulse and Slideshare were some of the first moves made by them, and recently Facebook has been making moves in that direction too — small ones such as larger font on personal status updates as well as large ones like the MSQRD acquisition. They are the giants in this war. Ultimately content producers will accumulate around the platforms with the better products.

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And each brings their own arsenal of weapons to the battle

However, two relatively younger companies have very unique takes on the content creation and distribution problem. And their products are key to understanding how they are implementing their respective blue ocean strategies. …


Samudra Neelam Bhuyan

Product x People x Process = Passion | Product Manager with UX depth | MIMS 2016, UC Berkeley

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