How To Create A Powerful Sapien Social Share

Successful Sapien Social Shares are not all the same, but we wanted to outline some helpful steps users can take to make theirs great.

Step 1: post on the Sapien platform.

Note that when creating a post on Sapien, honesty and transparency are cornerstones of the platform. Users appreciate you being open about your opinions and situation as long as you are also respectful.

Even something as simple as expressing your excitement about using the platform and interacting with the Sapien community can go a long way in making your post successful.

Good posts also include a personal touch. It’s great to share interesting or cool links with your friends, but providing some insight and commentary is always a great content add in its own right.

Step 2: post your social share on another platform. Good Social Shares contain a clear call to action. For example, many users have recently leveraged Sapien’s automatic staking program to encourage new sign-ups. Active calls to action are the most effective means of increasing the platform’s growth.

Step 3: post your social share in the platform’s Socialshare branch. This is a good way to get your post more visibility and draw the Sapien Team’s attention for potential Social Share Jackpot Rewards. It also demonstrates to other users that Social Shares are a fun and rewarding way to express your passion for Sapien.

That’s it! We hope providing these tips demonstrates our support for the many users who have posted Social Shares! Stay tuned for updates to Social Share Jackpot Rewards in the near future.

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