Gatewatcher has joined Luatix as a sponsor member

One year ago, Gatewatcher acquired LastInfoSec, a French company specialized in cyber threat intelligence production, detection and machine learning. Since the early days of the OpenCTI platform, LastInfoSec has made significant efforts to offer OpenCTI users great modelization compatibility between their data and the platform, including a dedicated external import connector.

As this partnership extends now in order empower the Gatewatcher CTI offering with new OpenCTI features, we are thrilled to announce Gatewatcher has officially joined Luatix as a sponsor member. Their membership was unanimously approved by all Luatix members in the last Extraordinary General Assembly.

Luatix partnership with Gatewatcher

We are already working closely with Gatewatcher in order to enhance the OpenCTI platform and be able to operationalize threat intelligence data for detection and incident response purposes directly in Trackwatch sensors. Also, OpenCTI can also allow some Gatewatcher/LastInfoSec customers to consume CTI data and visualize it in a central and user-friendly platform.

Furthermore, Gatewatcher is now working on new contributions to the OpenCTI ecosystems, especially by developing new enrichment connectors for sandboxes and by bringing more visualization / pivoting use cases in the roadmap.

LastInfoSec feed offering

The involvement of Gatewatcher will bring to Luatix priceless feedbacks and feature requests coming directly from users and technologies that actually leverage OpenCTI data in their detection engines (both network and system based).

Other Luatix members and engineers will be able to help Gatewatcher to get the most out of the platform for their internal usage as well as for their customers.

Example of LastInfoSec report in OpenCTI

We are glad to be able to work with Gatewatcher and we are confident this new partnership will allow OpenCTI to reach upper levels in terms of CTI provisioning for detection systems and blue teams. We are looking forward to work with Gatewatcher teams on all Luatix projects and developments!

Gatewatcher leaders involved in the Luatix membership

If, as an organization, you are also interested in joining Luatix, you can read the official association Articles and then contact us directly on Slack or by email.

To know more about Gatewatcher cybersecurity solutions, you can visit its website or follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.



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