Thales has joined Luatix as a sponsor member

We still need help to continue the steady and quality development of all of our products. We are very grateful to Thales for having responded to our call and becoming the second official Luatix sponsor member. As validated during our last Extraordinary Ordinary General Assembly, Thales membership was unanimously approved by all Luatix members.

Thales cybersecurity department in numbers

Thales membership is bound to a long-term commitment in the OpenCTI project as their first production instance of the platform has been deployed almost one year ago, to provide French healthcare sector with fresh COVID-related threat intelligence pieces.

Since the beginning, the Thales Cybersecurity department as well as the Thales Cyber Threat Intelligence team have proven to be a solid contributor of the project, for instance by developing new connectors or by sharing knowledge and presenting their use cases during the first OpenCTI webinar.

Among other usages, OpenCTI will be used by Thales to disseminate Cyber Threat Intelligence knowledge to its customers, allowing them to not only consume feeds but also access to a comprehensive and unified portal.

Thales Cyber Threat Intelligence offering

This partnership will allow both Luatix and Thales to enhance cyber threat intelligence data quality and platform professional features. Also, Thales CTI stakeholders will be able to prioritize some needs and request development resources to contribute in the OpenCTI project.

We have the strong conviction that working with Thales will allow OpenCTI to reach upper levels of quality and operational effectiveness. We are looking forward to work with Thales teams on all Luatix projects and developments!

If, as an organization, you are also interested in joining Luatix, you can read the official association Articles and then contact us directly on Slack or by email.

To know more about Thales CyberDefense Solutions, you can visit its website or follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.



CEO and Co-Founder @ Filigran

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