The French National Cybersecurity Agency has joined Luatix as a founder member

Samuel Hassine
3 min readJan 7, 2021


After the official creation of the Luatix non-profit organization as a French “Loi 1901” association, we have carried out our work on structuring the communities around the products and the organization itself. We are very happy to announce the official membership of the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) in Luatix as a founder member (read the ANSSI’s news release).

ANSSI is now a Luatix Founder Member

ANSSI was, along with the CERT-EU, the first organization to be involved in both Luatix projects, OpenCTI and OpenEx. The platforms are used internally in production, by the Cyber Threat Intelligence team and the Crisis Management team.

The formalization of this membership will bring to Luatix a new breath in terms of human and technical resources, enforcing ANSSI’s contributions to Luatix products over the long term.

The Agency will strengthen its involvement in the following areas:

  • products roadmap and governance ;
  • project management, coordination with external entities ;
  • features and third-party tooling development (connectors, integrations, etc.) ;
  • community animation.
ANSSI Executive Managers involved in Luatix

ANSSI will have a central role in sharing its experience, especially with the OpenCTI platform. They already participated in the first OpenCTI webinar and have shared their current integration and usage workflow.

In the future, we plan to roll-out more integrations with the internal SOC and IR teams, especially in the context of threat hunting campaigns and incident knowledge correlation.

Slide from the OpenCTI Webinar #01 about the current ANSSI workflow

The ANSSI CTI team has also published their “doctrine of usage” of the OpenCTI platform, since the STIX 2.1 data model can definitely be operationalized in different ways. This document will evolve in the future to perfectly match all capabilities of the version 4 platform.

ANSSI’s OpenCTI doctrine of use

We are thankful to ANSSI stakeholders who made this membership possible and are looking forward to work more closely with the different teams as well as continue with them the development of the current (and future) Luatix products.

Some of you may be wondering about the official list of members of the non-profit organization Luatix, we have just set up an area of transparency with all the information concerning our members and our official documents.

If, as an organization, you are also interested in joining Luatix, you can read the official association Articles and then contact us directly on Slack or by email.



Samuel Hassine

CEO and Co-Founder @ Filigran