Important factors to assess if one is to invest in digital assets and entities.


My name is Samuel JJ Gosling and I’m the Founder of a community-driven project known as Validity. Which aims to bring a wave of communal due diligence on the crypto-sphere, filtering out the bad projects from the good and vice versa. I’m here today to talk about a number of aspects that will help you form a viable conclusion to an investment decision, with the majority of the market composed of entirely speculative assets baring little utility that contributes to society, it’s important to question these…

An introduction to the operation of a system that applies this validation technique and a look at how it could potentially remodel the current evaluation and regulatory mechanisms of modern society.

Validity (VLDY)

Many people question:

Why is Bitcoin and other blockchain technology in general so valuable?

If you were to ask someone who is unfamiliar with the technical side of crypto currencies and blockchain, they will likely tell you that they are purely speculative assets that have no “real” or “intrinsic” value. Of course, these people are generally arriving at this conclusion because they don’t fully understand the technology. …

Samuel JJ Gosling

Founder at Validity

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