How to Become a Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer in under a week!

Before you start reading let me just tell you one thing, it is really possible to be GCP certified in under one week if you study the right materials. I am a GCP Certified Data Engineer but it took me many hours of studying (more than I like to admit) but if I had to put a number on it, it would be in the order of 20+ hours study time before I attempted the exam.

If you studied the right materials you can pass the exam using less than half the studying time of most people

That’s the thing, you need to study the Right Materials… So you can ask me what is the right materials? Well let me tell you a story, when I wanted to get GCP Certified (as it the new cool thing to do if you are in the big data/cloud game) I had a dilemma, there was actually very few legit studying sources available to get your hands on at a decent price.

When I was looking around the only sources of preparation were on Cloudera. Which were provided by Google themselves which were good right? Well yes and no. The studying material were actually pretty good but they have split up the courses and made a specialisation stream with 5 courses (at the time) which they recommended you to take. The total cost of this specialisation were in the region of $500+ which is a lot of money just for studying without counting the cost of the exam itself (which is another $250-$300).

The only course I took from the specialisation stream was the GCP Fundamentals course because you can do the audit version which is free:

But this was 6 hours and it was very basic, without taking the other courses in the specialisation stream it was basically impossible to pass the exam. So I thought to myself after I pass the GCP Data Engineers exam I must create a course that is easy for people to get started on their GCP Data Engineers journey and become confident to take on the exam without spending half their life searching for resources that is not too expensive.

When I sat the exam I was a bit surprised, many of the questions that were asked revolved around theory and how you can apply GCP’s products instead of diving into a specific use case (like how many partition table updates can you do in a second) which was different from AWS’s exams which will dive deep into some products.

So I have developed a course which discusses mainly theory and some really useful practicals which I am sure you will enjoy as they are the fundamental building blocks of the modern day Data Engineer. Furthermore, I tried to cut out information that is not relevant to the exam and many practicals which you can just search up on GCP’s web page and tried to develop my own tutorials.

The course I have created is only less than 5 hours which should fit into most working professionals or student’s schedule.

Feel free to have a look at my introductory video below:

Here is a discount code for the full course if you feel like signing up:

Enjoy and good luck on your exam!!