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Thanks @The Don for your viewpoint — very insightful and I think aligned with my overall view that leadership within agencies have to answer for the decisions they have made that has effectively commodotised the industry.

And you make a good point, the account management / suits structure of most agencies needs to be reviewed. I’d go a step further and say the whole role and relevancy of the advertising agency needs to be reviewed. Which is what I’ve tried to outline in my article to drive a debate that needs to happen — it’s deafly quiet here in Australia. I definitely don’t blame the creative department for the state of the advertising industry — that lies with the CEOs and agency leadership. However I do think the idea that one department is “The Source” of all creative output is outmoded though.

To be honest I actually don’t hold out much faith that the industry will right itself so I got out and became a 1 person consultant in January this year. I don’t have an agency and I don’t develop advertising for clients — they don’t offer value in their current form and I doubt they will moving forward except for large global brands aligned with one of the major networks such as WPP or Omnicom as you rightly mention

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