As a Digital Marketer, content planning is heavily embodied in daily todos. I am on a quest to improve my creativity by coming up with at least 10 distinct post ideas daily.

I got this idea from a post shared by a yielding writer I follow on here on medium.

Yesterday, I listened to Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” and “Views” and surprisingly I was able to reach my 10 post ideas. Here is a thread on the ideas I got and how I caught the vibe.

Had an epic conversation with an African American friend living in Washington DC.

We spoke about how Africa has all it takes to be one of the leading continent in the world and how Africans around the world are constantly been looked down upon. How outsiders think we are people walking around almost naked with spears/ have one president/ speak one language.

She mentioned how music is changing the perception of the outside world gradually. But I think that only appeal to the African Americans/ Africans around the world. But I feel through innovation/tech we can change the perception of the outside world. Also, we spoke about how it will take leaders who are generational thinkers / selfless to cause our continent to progress.


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