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Capital Medical Equipment Sales leader, Sam Lehrer Miami works diligently in the U.S. in the medical equipment sales field providing resources for hospitals and medical centers to purchase their operating room equipment with ease. He puts his career success to work for causes that directly improve the education of children across the globe. Sam Lehrer Miami finds that adding the title philanthropist to his description is worthwhile at every turn, after all, success means giving back to those who need it far and wide.

Sam Lehrer Miami and Family Want to Help Raise Awareness For The Little Yellow Schoolhouse

Sam Lehrer Miami does not rest on his laurels, nor spend his time and resources without…

Sam Lehrer Miami

Philanthropist Sam Lehrer Miami and republican state legislator Tommy Thompson discuss charity interests in Palm Beach, FL.

PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — Philanthropy is especially important during uncertain times. Sam Lehrer Miami has been a Florida philanthropist for years. His hard work and dedication to those less privileged than him led him to speak with republican state legislator Tommy Thompson on charity interests in Palm Beach, FL. The event took place on Admirals Cove and was sponsored by Scripps.

Sam Lehrer Miami has worked with countless organizations around the globe to…

Medical sales professional Sam Lehrer of Miami helps readers understand what separates capital medical equipment from other traditional facility equipment.

Sam Lehrer Miami has spent decades in the medical sale, management, and business development industries. Over the years, he’s gained a thorough understanding of the field’s top equipment and helps readers understand how capital medical equipment like hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) machines are different from traditional equipment.

“At the very basic level, the term capital medical equipment helps lump together those devices that are very expensive and that tend to have a vital function and are only used in specific…

iCrowd Newswire — Mar 30, 2020

Children with special needs require a lot of assistance, be it mental or physical. Samuel Lehrer Miami explains why Little Yellow School House is so important to him.

Miami, FL / March 30, 2020 / All children have needs, and some are different than others. Where some children fit what you would describe to be “normal children,” other children have more, or different, needs. For instance, some children are born with physical disabilities that make it difficult to interact with their fellow classmates or may generally require assistance, while other children are in need…

In his career, Samuel Lehrer has worked with some of the world’s most advanced and highly-specialized medical equipment, such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers used in various therapies today. Below, he comments on the beauty industry’s use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to achieve anti-aging results.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has gained a lot of positive recognition in the medical industry where it is used to treat a range of issues, from expedited wound healing to novel therapies for patients with autism. …

Samuel Lehrer has worked with specialized medical equipment for his entire career, specifically with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) units in the past five years. Here, he helps readers understand how the therapy was recently employed to heal and improve brain function after a toddler was resuscitated following drowning.

For decades, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used to treat a number of conditions such as gas poisoning and symptoms of “the bends.”

Working in the medical equipment industry for decades, Samuel David Lehrer has witnessed the rise of some of the most sophisticated machinery used in hospitals and facilities around the world. He shares below how hyperbaric oxygen therapy machines are capable of greatly expediting wound healing for a number of patients.

Samuel David Lehrer has worked with advanced machinery in the medical industry for years and has learned about the tremendous impact machines like those used in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) can have on the body. …

Having worked with high-tech medical equipment for decades, Samuel David Lehrer has developed a deep understanding of current technological limits and new breakthrough approaches to care. Here, he explains how hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which uses high concentrations of oxygen and pressure, can help relieve and improve symptoms of autism.

Samuel David Lehrer tells us that while hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been around for more than a century, only recently has it been used in novel therapies to treat conditions such as autism. …

A seasoned professional in medical equipment sales, Samuel Lehrer has developed a thorough understanding of growing trends in medical technology and has witnessed many industry breakthroughs during his career. Here, he discusses how hyperbaric oxygen therapy is trending in facilities across the country thanks to its potential to expedite wound healing in certain patients.

Samuel Lehrer graduated from the University of Florida in 1994 and has earned a high reputation in the medical sales industry over the years. He’s witnessed the growth of many novel medical technologies and has followed the rise of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in recent decades.


On Isla Mujeres, Mexico, children with disabilities and their families only have one special needs facility to turn to for help, the Little Yellow School House. Through annual support from volunteers and participants of the Island Time festival, the education center prepares disadvantaged children for traditional schooling and equips them with lifelong skills for success as adults. Samuel David Lehrer is a long-time supporter of the Little Yellow School House, believing the facility’s curriculum and program greatly improves every student’s chance of success now and later in life.

“The Little Yellow School House is the only facility of its kind…

Samuel David Lehrer

Sam David Lehrer is a graduate of the University of Florida and since graduation, Sam has been in Medical sales, management, and business development.

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