We had no choice: we were born into it

new born

From the day, I was born until the present moment, who, what, and those that made me believe what I believe surrounds me. I was told the world is spherical, and that this is a wicked habitat. My mama will say to me “do not trust strangers”; my papa will show me the paths to follow.

I was made to read certain books about the life here and that above, a particular account of what has happened before, explaining its significant effect on the life we have now. I never knew there was a different account written elsewhere, written by people that have a different understanding to those around me. They believed differently. It is funny how we agreed that a man says the truth about a particular situation, admitted to his principles about that situation but claims he lies about another, and disagrees with him, claiming he lacks the understanding of this other situation.

Then I began to wonder that an innocent child must have been born into this other group, being made to read and believe what his people thought without given a chance to have the knowledge of the other, neither the opportunity to judge that is right and correct. Enslaving the innocents, depriving us the freedom to choose what, which to believe, and denying us the understanding of what the others thought.

Some will grow to believe what they were told; developing an unyielding attitude towards other beliefs and might end up becoming a sadist, like our parents. I took the time and liberty to question those before us, but all they could come up with is that; it is what our fathers and those before them believed; they have chosen that same path and accepted those same beliefs without questioning an iota of it. When you ask for proof of their ideas, they make reference to the words of those before and majorly of the things that have happened before of which there are contradicting accounts of them.

You might be wondering what do I believe, it does not matter. I have been made to feel what I felt, I have been surrounded by what made me think what I understood from birth, sometimes when I choose another my people will forsake me, same goes with you either.

“No other creature declares war on itself, but human”- anonymous.

Religion has divided us

Riches has divided us

Color has divided us

Tribalism has divided us

Technical know-how and perspicacity are dividing us.


It is not my fault to be born a Jew

Neither it is to be born poor

I did not have the chance to choose my color or tribe

Moreover, I have little or no influence on my exposure.

The other condemning another religion to extinction in the name of what he was told to be true, the riches has been gathering all wealth in preparation for a tomorrow that might never come, and for a descendant, he might never have. What do the white say of the black and what do the black thinks of the white? How do you see a man of another language and etiquette?

The question is what will you believe without the concept of any book, without the influence of anybody? Irrespective of what we believe, we owe it to ourselves to make the world a better place, we owe ourselves to love our neighbor, we owe it to be grateful to the greatest designer that designed our habitat and fashioned our existence.