Summon Your Love For Writing to Beat Procrastination

Samuel Avraham

Use this trick to get started on the projects you always postpone and avoid.

Photo by Kaushal Moradiya from Pexels. Pexels License free to use.

I really enjoy writing..

Actually, scratch that.

I wholeheartedly fricking LOVE writing!

But I did not always know this to be true about myself.

Since well over a decade my mind has come up with so many wonderful lines of though. Once, I invented my own version of a Dyson sphere, way before I even knew that it was an actual concept invented by the physicist Freeman Dyson, on how to discover alien life amongst the stars.

I’ve formulated long and complex philosophical answers as to why modern physics have so much trouble, and I’ve thought long and hard on human evolution and how it’s affecting us today.

I’ve always loved to think, to discover and understand this peculiar world I was born into.

But I never used to write anything down.

Instead I slowly forgot all my ideas and solutions. They faded away and amounted to absolutely nothing at all in the end.

Then I decided to study journalism. Not because I wanted to chase news, but to enter an environment conducive to writing and to give me a much-needed kick in the butt.

I even quit my part-time job to start writing full time.

It took me many months to realise that I’m now officially allowed to write all day long. I’ve given myself this precious gift of time; so that I may celebrate this abstract exploration of life within my own mind. This realisation is now finally starting to dawn on me.

But the spell only holds if I’m writing stuff that interests me. The moment I steer even slightly of course, I loose my drive to write. It becomes a chore just like everything else. I mean, I still do it. But when procrastination turns up at my doorstep that day will be ruined..

Or at least that’s what I used to believe.

So here’s the truth I promised to reveal to you guys.

It’s possible to trick your mind into writing the hard stuff as well.

Every day I get up, eat my oatmeal and brew a cup of tea. Then I sit down in front of my computer aaaaaand… Instead of starting to write on my contracted work, I open up medium and let the words flow.

This week alone I’ve written five finished pieces on medium that’s either published or awaiting publication, and another three pieces are in the works.

Because here I am free.

Free to write about whatever my brain is thinking about for the day. As long as I let my inner inspiration guide me, the words will flow of their own volition.

Once I’ve begun the process of writing, it’s often much easier to continue with my other projects. And that is currently why medium is such an awesome tool for me.

I don’t know if this will help you find your motivation, but to me, writing on medium is a guilt-free pleasure. As it’s not my main source of income I don’t have any real sense of pressure and expectations. I don’t spend too much time thinking about whether or not my text is good enough or not.

Instead I just write whatever I feel like writing.

In my mind that is what writing should always be about. A way to create a window in reality, a moment in time where you are free to express yourself.

Free to follow your inner calling as a thinker and creator.

Samuel Avraham

Written by

I’m a Swedish Journalist, Biologist and Writer. All my life, I’ve championed nature and fought the main drivers of climate change and environmental destruction.

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