Meet A Little Nation, the agency which is shaking social media

© Olof Ringmar

When I walked through Yvan Rodic in Berlin, he represented for me the legendary founder of Facehunter. But when he went on stage to receive the Vision Award, it was as the co-founder of A Little Nation, the first Snapchat agency. I was intrigued and tried to know more about this team which have a real vision on the Snapchat phenomenon. It led to a pleasant talk with the architect behind A Little Nation, Nils Ringmar. What a better platform than Snapchat to do it. Let’s talk about future of social media !

Can you recall us to the A Little Nation’s concept?

We started off as a Snapchat agency helping brands to get the best out of the platform’s opportunities by fitted strategies and high quality entertaining content. Instagram’s recent update showed us that there is a massive interest in ephemeral content, so we expended our agency concept. We are from now on focusing on “Ephemeral Storytelling”.

I met Yvan nine years ago, I was in charge of the Facehunter show on Myspace. Then Myspace died but we kept in touch. With the rise of Snapchat, we found out each of us developed affinities with the app. We gathered our forces and visions to take part in this media revolution.

Yvan comes from fashion, what’s your background?

I come from production and social media, I produced content for several platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I ‘m always seeking for new way to improve content quality.

Snapchat is a phenomenon and it’s just the beginning. How do you feel about this bright future?

We’re really excited about it, the opportunities are huge and the quality is getting better. Now we’re kind of relaunching A Little Nation considering the new Instagram Stories feature. It’s a great era, ephemeral content exploded with Snapchat and other social platforms seems to make it a standard. It’s like the TV and Radio in the 60’s, 70’s. If you didn’t watch/listen to it, you missed it, there was no podcasts, no website to retrieve it. We’re back to this spirit with digital content: an high quality, entertaining, ephemeral stream.

The Snapchat audience is very specific, can humour help to reach it?

I think in general, the audience is fond of highly entertaining content and humour can get a serious topic more attractive. With humor, you can make economics or weather news funny and catchy. On Snapchat, content displayed in a quick funny way are mostly successful.

© Olof Ringmar

Who’s the Snapchat Mastermind on your team ?

It’s definitely Yvan, he’s got this aesthetic sense and travel addict spirit. He’s always taking us to his trips via Snapchat and others, he’s a natural born storyteller and we can’t deny it. You really got to follow him. I also admire Lolo Jones and John Mayer.

In general, are brands aware of the Snapchat opportunities?

I don’t know any marketer who didn’t heard about Snapchat but as the rise of social media earlier, they can be afraid of it. They may want to wait and see if the trend is lasting. Bust most of them want to try it, to have a bold brand approach to reach millennials. We’re working with adventurous brands which lead us to be more creative, it’s very stimulating.

According to you, what kind of brand must be present on Snapchat.

I would say all kind, especially the bolder one, with a product which can appeal to millennials. Fashion brands are coming to my mind but we’re working with bank company too. I would say any brand which got Snapable product and a real motivation to invest this field. Our idea is to accompany them on their journey on Snapchat and now on Instagram.

© Olof Ringmar

What kind of content does the audience expect?

I think the main goal is to produce content in quick funny way. Audience’s attention range is very low so you have to entertain them being bold. There’s a fear of missing through ephemeral content, they got to feel it, and the content has to be exclusive. If you haven’t seen it, you missed it that’s the concept and exclusivity, the VIP feeling.

The quality on Snapchat is getting better, we think it’s time to take it to the next step. To pull the right strings, to push button to get the audience excited. Our motto is definitely to make advertising more exciting.

What does it takes to be part of A Little Nation?

Being part of our team is simple: you’ve got to be adventurous, daring and bold with a will to innovate. You have to be funny too because fun is one the key to success in our domain.