It happens when you seem to have your entire life together. You stop, drop and try to assess yourself. I don’t know what happened to me today. But I slowed down after a fairly non-productive day and took a hard look at my life. My location, my friendships, my passion, direction.

So much of my generation of “millenials” wants it now. Whether that is Netflix, pizza, internet speed. It has created this expectation that quality has no lead time, it is instant. The truth of the matter is that it is so far from instant. There are 1000’s of hours into Netflix development that you will never see when you log on to their website and immeaditely have access to 10,0000+ hours of content. For me, it hard to step back and appreciate the things we have done. Especially when we do not get any external validation from our labor. This brings me to another point, is external motivation important to you? And if it is, why?

Just from observation, the most successful people I know operate off of internal motivation. It could be the impassioned discussion about a cause, or a product, or a type of lifestyle that you can access through a community or something. They found something they liked, owned it, made it better. Their motivation is clear. The point is that the internal motivation that drives performance to be better, be the most cutting edge, push the boundaries of innovation, is the type of motivation you should be after. It is not about the money. No. Money is purely the indicator of how well their passion has manifested into success.

We can compare this internal motivation with external motivation. Someone who is motivated by the external things, say : “I want to be rich enough to own a Rolls Royce”. There is no game plan here. How is your passion for zero’s in your bank account going to keep you going when times get hard? How is money going to solve your purpose?

This is a rhetorical question that I do not yet have a answer for.

If you really are passionate about having the Rolls-Royce purely as a symbol (why else would you buy one?), and were willing to kill yourself in a job that you hate going to, just to get that car, I would be surprised! There is no passion just lust. Is that what you have to show for your existance? A Possession? I would have more respect for the person that works in a areas that contains passion and produces happiness for them.

Pro Tip: They could save the money and buy a restored a white 1997 Lexus LX 450 Landcrusier with the turbo diesel upgrade, instead.

At the same time, I would bet that if you have a deep passion for driving and that specific car reflects that same values that you see as a ultimate driving machine, then passion is again at play for why someone would choose to own a Rolls Royce for any other reason than just a symbol.

My next question is, how do you spend your time? Do you invest bro?

Key words here are SPEND and INVEST. Time is a resource. If we are serious about being our best selves, we need to consider how we invest our time. Little by little, it will add up. But investment is tricky, taking risks is important, but you have to remain fiscal at the same time. You do not want to break the bank. We should treat time in our life the same way, with balance.

I once had a very pessimistic friend who theorized that at any given time, there is only a finite amount of happiness that is present on the earth at any given time. In his view, this finite amount of happiness was equally weighted by a amount of death and destruction, or pretty much the exact opposite of happiness.

So why would we want to risk this beautiful life we have, on workng for external objects? Invest in yourself with objects that will make you better, challenge you, and help define your skills and wisdom. For a guitarist, it might be that exquisite guitar PRS. For the photographer, it will be the elite Canon 7D, or for the semi-pro cyclist a new specialized carbon roubaix.

Good things take time. Patience young padawan. No one that you respect not get to where they are now overnight. NAH. It took 1000’s of hours of practice, perfecting the craft, refining the details that separate a skill from a art form. For racer it the weight difference and performance of other bikes could mean the difference between a win and a loss. For a musician it could be the perfect tone, feedback and volume for a song. For a photographer, it has to do with being able instantly recall photo rules, light settings, aperture, and zoom.

If I intertwine my passions with my interests, into a profession that I love, I get to have all the best stuff all the time. And I am stoked about being there getting the opportunity to know more. That is what passion looks like. I know people who like money, even love money, but I don’t know anyone who is straight up passionate about money. You can be passionate about things having to do with money, Taxes, tax policy, budgeting, rebates, banks, how money make you look when you hold it right next to your ear like a telephone.

Stay patient, do what you love, invest your time, happiness is finite, why risk working a job my whole life doing something I don’t like? Put in the time and in time you’ll shine.