TikkaTikka Case Study —An eCommerce Gift Platform for Local Artists

The Process

Empathise & Define

Identified Competitors

RedBubble website — Left to Right: Homepage, Artist profile, Product page
TeePublic website — Left to Right: Homepage, T-Shirts section, Product page
Minutes of the user interviews were handwritten
  • Overwhelmed by choice
    In result of being shown an almost endless amount of options on the homepage, users can be too overwhelmed by the options to bother to browse further or even disheartened if the artworks are not to their liking.
  • Art gallery first, online shop second
    By default, users are currently only presented artworks when browsing through items — unless asked otherwise by either the user or the artist. It becomes harder for the customer to envision the end-result of the gift — the artwork printed on the item intended by the artist. Interviews have shown that users would prefer to see the ‘complete’ printed product when shopping for the ideal gift.
  • Daunting artwork upload process
    Throughout the interviews with artists, the time constraint required and effort needed to specify details for each product option came up multiple times. Surprisingly, even in 2021, the artwork upload pages from top print on-demand websites are still unresponsive and lack mobile friendliness.
  • Limited shop curation
    Users that sell artwork on print on-demand websites are largely satisfied with the shop curation. However, when asked how they can promote their work and stand-out from other artists it was quickly noted that the options for marketing and customisation are limited and so their potential is unrealised.
Photo by visuals on Unsplash
  • Always finding a suitable gift for everyone;
  • Exciting new designs to discover in each visit;
  • Seasonal sales.
  • Vast and diverse audience;
  • Lack of costs to curate and upload work.
  • Needs to show portfolio in a personalised, clean manner
  • Wants to sell artwork
  • Wants to advertise on other social media channels
  • Wants more control on their product and storefront
  • Values featuring or promoting other people’s work and collaborating with other artists
  • Fears of not making any sales
  • Needs to discover artistic talents
  • Needs to browse through different types of digital artworks
  • Wants to support the artist
  • Values finding the right artistic gift to the right person
  • Values the option to contact the artist for an art commission
  • Needs to find the right gifts according to the receiver’s interest in the shortest time possible
  • Wants variety of options
  • Wants a scalable and seamless experience to browse through the overwhelming amount of options
  • Values showing support towards the artist


  • 1️⃣ Gift-shopping-centred experience
  • 2️⃣ Improved Discoverability
  • 3️⃣ More focus on Artists
  • 4️⃣ Last but not least… responsive design
An early draft of the sitemap — most of the ideas here were radically changed or scratched altogether


Note the 1–1 and many-to-one data relationships in the entities below ‘Home’
Style Guide done in Figma with each element created as a Component


  • Find Gifts for Christmas without searching
  • Go to Contact Us page
  • Visit an Artist page (starting from a page displaying set of gifts)
  • Upload artwork, print it on a mug and perform checkout
  • Look up ‘dad jokes’, add any product to cart and perform checkout
  • View own Artist profile and add new product
  • Add any final comments
  • Adding ‘View As’ to search results to preview them as any item
  • Declutter burger menu
  • Implementing multiple Home buttons
Left to Right: Gifts section, Gifts for Him, Mugs under ‘Explore’ section
Left to Right: Artist, Artwork/Product page, Cart
Left to Right: Search when tapping/clicking on a search bar, Filtered Search Results page, Search Results with no returning results
The ‘Print & Buy’ flow after uploading artwork when on ‘Create’
Left to Right: Sell Artwork section under ‘Create’, Artist Dashboard, My Profile
Left to Right: Checkout, Shipping, Purchase Success
Left to Right: Login, Forgot Password, Sign Up

3 Lessons Learnt

Taking a step back from the project significantly helped when coming back to the project to look at the big picture

There are fun ways to use the mascot to bring character to the experience

Next Steps for the Business






An experienced developer with an eye for design, looking for a chance in a career that marries his technological and artistic sides. 🏳‍🌈 Bi 🇲🇹 Maltese

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Samuel Borg

Samuel Borg

An experienced developer with an eye for design, looking for a chance in a career that marries his technological and artistic sides. 🏳‍🌈 Bi 🇲🇹 Maltese