Cost cutting, time pressures and bad briefing, collected from anonymous sources, including long term agency staff and those who have gone from client side to agency and back again this article is a no holds barred look into some of the consistent issues that arise between agencies and clients.

The reason for this article is that I feel marketers often get away with a bit too much blaming.

Client-side marketers are very quick to call for the beheading of their agencies, we see harsh comments made about effectiveness versus efficiency and the blame is so often landed at the revolving agency door. …

Marketing for small businesses is not about jumping straight into tactics. There is a sad belief that marketing properly is only possible for larger businesses, with huge budgets and departments but nothing could be further from the truth.

I would argue that small businesses and start ups, of any size are perfectly positioned to do great marketing, here is an example of one of my clients who is a one man band.

There is a belief that it’s incredibly expensive but that’s only the case if you jump into comms without making the value of marketing upfront in the other areas of business. …

I recently wrote an article for Econsultancy titled “Marketers, it’s time to grow up and talk to Finance.” You can read it here for context. This article is the full Q&A with Alastair Thompson, a Chief Financial Officer (Financial Director, UK) who works with businesses all over the UK. The questions put to Alastair were as follows:

1 — What are the biggest frustrations for CFOs when dealing with Marketers

2 — How can Marketers work with CFOs on marketing strategy?

3 — How can Marketers and CFOs work together to build measurements, KPIs and systems of metrics to improve outcomes? …


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