Samuel Caulcrick
Dec 12, 2017 · 1 min read

I once wrote an article in the Nigerian Village Square just before the lifting of the “fuel subsidy” published on 12 April 2016, tagged “Unsustainable Supply of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) in Nigeria. My line of arguments on the topic was based on the unproductive consumption of PMS in Nigeria. There is no other country on earth where the source of energy for mobility, electricity and more depends on the use of PMS like Nigeria. From powering danfo, keke NAAPE, charging phones, powering homes and appliances, all on PMS.

I suggested that for mobility, particularly for mass transit, Nigeria should shift to diesel that is over 40% more energy efficient than petrol. No more registration of mass transit vehicles should be allowed unless powered by diesel or electricity. I also suggested that as a gap before adequate grid electricity supply, we could cut off the maximum demand users from the grid to release additional grid electricity for domestic use thereby reducing the need to fire generators on PMS for the majority of the citizens.

For compensation, those disconnected could, meanwhile, have their diesel or gas consumption subsidised from the national treasury. At least Nigeria would be subsidising production instead of consumption.

Well if you will permit, “I siddon de look.”

    Samuel Caulcrick

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