Turn Touch Media Kit

Turn Touch controls Hue lights, smart devices, iPhone/Mac apps, and more — all from a single, beautiful remote.

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Meet Turn Touch, a four button remote control carved out of solid wood. Get instant control of your devices and your home. With only four buttons, your Turn Touch connects you to apps, lights, speakers, and more.

There’s never been a remote quite like this:

  • Extraordinary design: This isn’t yet another plastic remote. Turn Touch is carved from solid wood and worked to a show-stopping, textured finish.
  • Always ready: Turn Touch is always on, always connected, and always ready to take your breath away. Never fiddle with pairing buttons, disconnected devices, or syncing procedures.
  • Built to last: Not only will your Turn Touch stand up to drops and shock — its entire circuit board can be inexpensively replaced with newer, future wireless tech. You also won’t have to buy a new remote every time Apple comes out with a new phone.
  • Well connected: Right now, Turn Touch is ready to connect with over two dozen apps and integrations. And this is just the first version. Over time, there’s no telling what you’ll be able to control.

Your phone is powerful. But taking it out to control different apps and devices is time-consuming and frustrating. Unlock the phone, punch in your pin, find your app (please wait—updates are being installed), and only then are you able to do anything.

And sure, voice control is handy. But often you’ll find yourself shouting just to be heard. Or, even worse, repeating yourself three times every time you want to turn on the lights. When voice control misunderstands you, you’re left frustrated and in the dark. We’d like you to stop screaming at light switches.

With Turn Touch, you get instant control at the push of a single, beautiful, sculpted wood button. Let’s look at a few ways Turn Touch can change your life…

Using Turn Touch

Three Unique Models

Clockwise from top: Mahogany, Padauk, Rosewood


Known for its durability and scratch resistance, mahogany will refract light so vibrantly that it changes shades depending on your viewing angle. Combined with the white of hard North American maple, this remote looks great, feels great, and is a joy to use.

Mahogany with Maple buttons


Rhymes with “Rad Duke”, Padauk has bold crimson hues, laced with veins of rich purple and sombre black. A beautiful, warm red wood that ages gracefully is complemented with the rich golden hues of Brazilian Satinwood.

Padauk with Satinwood buttons


Dark, coffee-colored rosewood is one of the densest hardwoods known to man. It’s strong and heavy and is commonly carved into chess sets, fountain pens, and musical instruments. Rosewood fits beautifully alongside the wavy grain of North American Sycamore buttons.

Rosewood with Sycamore buttons

Natural mother of pearl

The backside of every Turn Touch is set with the cool elegance of real mother of pearl. A delicate material, this small detail makes a big difference; giving Turn Touch a distinct, iridescent look.

How It Works

With only four buttons, Turn Touch is simple. — Connect it to your phone or Mac and begin controlling your environment with a few quick taps.

Setup couldn’t be easier. Install the Turn Touch app and pair the remote to your phone, tablet, or Mac. It all happens right in the app.


Use Turn Touch with any of the following apps and integrations. You can combine multiple apps into a single button for parallel control. New apps are in development right now and more integrations are being built.

You aren’t limited to the above apps, either. Power users can have the remote hit a URL or run a script on your Mac. Turn Touch can also talk to nearly any app on macOS.

Tech Specs

About Turn Touch

Turn Touch is built and designed by Samuel Clay in San Francisco. He is best known for founding NewsBlur, a popular news reader that succeeded the late Google Reader.

Samuel built Turn Touch with the goal of creating a beautiful control for his home and office. He started with over 40 varieties of wood in order to determine what works best for a handheld remote, leading to mahogany, padauk, and rosewood for the three models.

Turn Touch sets a high bar for design. But it’s also a product that seeks to change the way we design. Through open-source hardware, Turn Touch will lower the barrier to entry when it comes to creating and manufacturing new complex hardware devices. Once the remote hits the market, Samuel will release 100% of the knowledge, planning, and design behind the project, helping to expand and inspire the makers everywhere.

Samuel can be reached at samuel@turntouch.com, @samuelclay on Twitter, and at samuelclay.com.

Website: turntouch.com
Contact: Samuel Clay
Twitter: @turntouch and @samuelclay