The world needs more imagination, here’s how to begin

The world needs more imagination. How would the world look if more people were able to get their ideas out into the open?

One thing I have been told that burns like a knife to the gut, is that “that’s just the way the world is”.


No. Just no.

The world we live in was created by people no more clever than you. They however managed to thrust their ideas out into the world and those ideas have been embraced by people like you.

It is true that we very rarely enjoy change. Settling into a routine is cosy and safe. The same is true for the systems that govern our society.

“Don’t rock the boat!” they scream from their luxury yachts as you rock up in your dinghy.

People with crazy ideas and farfetched dreams are often seen as nothing but dreamers and extremists — but they are often those who make the biggest impact in the world. Ultimately they can upset the balance in the world, and those with the most power are afraid that should the status quo be disrupted, their control and power will flail.

You only have to look at the way that green technology and green energy has been mocked since its birth to see how those with power are threatened by new ideas. Elon Musk is one who frequently gets his ideas out there in the open, and is constantly dividing opinion. Love him or loathe him, his ideas are fascinating and have so far benefitted society.

All these ideas stem from our imagination. Not everyone feels as in tune with their imagination as others, but you can hone it and learn to embrace the little thoughts in your head that could give birth to the next big thing.

The problem that we have is that these ideas stay in our head, and die. We are afraid of being judged for our ideas, maybe they are too extreme, maybe they’re plain silly, or maybe they’ll be shot down as being unworkable and wrong.

Perhaps you feel that that your ideas aren’t good enough to share.

The truth is, however unlikely, what you have just thought may not have been thought by another person ever. Isn’t that an exhilarating thought?

Yes, the odds are fantastically miniscule. But it is possible. And even more possible that someone may have had a similar idea, but not gave it to the world.

Not really relevant, but it’s a nice photo

One way to hone your imagination and creative thinking is to share your ideas.

This is something that I have done consistently, and subconsciously throughout my life.

Like many, my ideas tend to fit into regularly occurring themes, but they then have power to improve other aspects of my life.

For example, whilst in education I used to like science. But what I used to enjoy even more, was using basic ideas and dreaming up farfetched and scientifically flawed ideas.

Why can’t we produce a filter and a mouthpiece similar to gills on a fish that allows us to breathe under water?

Could we not do something crazy with electricity and magnets and certain elements that react with each other to create an actual force field?

I had a lesson on capacitors and generating electricity in physics once, and my brain automatically went to two things:

1) Could we not create laser guns???

2) Why don’t we strap a generator to wheels of a car and create electrical energy for a boost?

Now one of those is more helpful than the other, and is now a technology used in motorsports including F1 (though capacitor powered laser guns would be so much fun).

We also share our ideas in blog posts and stories. I have always had big ideas for society, and so I naturally found myself wanting to create posts sharing those ideas, or writing fiction to share those ideas as a by-product.

So, what should we do?

We should share our damn ideas in whatever way possible!

My favourite way, which is also one of the hardest, is to actually talk about these ideas with someone! How revolutionary!

The hardest thing about talking about ideas is that it requires a person, or people, who you feel comfortable around and won’t judge you. They will be similar in that they enjoy ideas and understand that things need to change.

My challenge for you

I want you to change the world with your ideas, and as such I want you start a 30 day ideas challenge.

Each day for 30 days I want you to share at least one idea.

You can tell someone about an idea, you can journal and get your idea onto paper, you can share a blog post with the idea intertwined with a message, you can create a short piece of fiction containing your plot/character/philosophy/city etc. idea.

The most important part is that you get that idea of your head.

As you go through the challenge I want you to be conscious of how you start to see things and what connections you start to make. You will find that as you get more used to listening to your ideas you become more aware of your imagination and creative process.

To help you along on this challenge I will be sure to share an idea with you every day (in addition to my one post that I have committed myself too).

Some of these ideas will be ridiculous. Some will be farfetched and bizarre. But they will be interesting and they will be fun.