#5: The Robots are Taking Over

Hey Friends

This week is all about bots.

Last week we saw Microsoft’s Tay Bot get trolled, but since then we have had the launch of Microsoft Bot Framework and their CEO Satya Nadell has claimed that “Bots are the new Apps”. Also, all signs point to Facebook launching their own chatbot store (on their Messenger platform) next week.

As way of catchup, chatbots are “a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users”.

Rather than messaging a friend on Facebook Messenger, you’ll message Domino’s in a separate thread. Your home address and payment information are already saved, so when the Domino’s Bot asks you if you want the pizza delivered to your home, you can reply “yes”. The same will be true when you message Uber for a ride.

This will reduce the number of apps on phones since you wouldn’t need the Domino’s or Uber app anymore. This is important when the iPhone starts with 16GB of memory.

Amazon have already taken this concept to the next stage by making the bots voice-controlled using the Echo…like in Star Trek. Over 300 individual bots perform small tasks such as ordering pizza from Domino’s or a ride from Uber. This is a feat Google is obsessed with replicating, even to the point that they prototyped the Star Trek Communicator pin-badge. The Echo is currently restricted to the home, whereas Google Now lives in your pocket.

Mike Skinner of The Streets fame was right all along, the “Robots are Taking Over”.

Have a great weekend.

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