Note About Happiness

Nowadays, the successful Youtubers, pages of the moment, the coolest people and the admired things, are the ones that bring us humor. People are like zombies searching for funny videos on YouTube, tweets of memes that make us laugh, funny snaps on Instagram. All of this things, just because it has never been so difficult to find happiness in ourselves, it has never been so difficult to be happy and simply to be. And we seem to believe that laughing at a few moments after seeing a funny tweet or watching a fun video will make us happy, but the truth is that this pleasure has as long as the few seconds a snap can last. That’s why we run desperately behind new sources of funny things, novelties, memes, figures that has as purpose to make us laugh. All this to try to make up our eternal solitude, the emptiness in our souls and the unhappiness that we all do not make a point of showing in our social networks.

We are all unhappy .