Jesus attracted Hitler. Hitler attracted Jesus.

When two people are honestly willing to agree, there is no lack of mutual respect and wish of approximation. That means, even though your ideas are as opposing as two extreme poles, at the end of each conversation, you will get close to reaching an agreement much faster than those who do not wish to agree. Whoever agrees to the desire of agreeing will find agreement. Whoever disagrees to the desire of agreeing, will live in disagreement. The opposites attract themselves. The equal ones repel each other. When two people decide to abandon the wish to agree, they usually think they are different. But they’re not! They’re the same. And that’s why they stray away. “- I don’t want to have anything to do with you. You’re a piece of garbage” “- I don’t want to talk to people as stupid as you” What do these dialogs have in common? If you switch them between the people who have said these sentences, it won’t make a difference, because they’re the same. That’s why they repel each other. If you look at another person and think “I’ll stay away from him because he carries the evil” Know that what makes you stay away from him is your evilness. If you were really taken by goodness, the opposite force, you would do anything to stay close to him and help him”.