To Cook or Not to Cook…That is the question
Lisa Beth Miller


I can cook very well, primarily Asian dishes (some cuisines of Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, China, and Korea) and maybe more than a handful of European dishes.

My main problem is I live alone. When you cook, you can’t just cook for one person. So I always end up with leftovers, which I eat over next few days period.

And there’s this whole preparation time. While I cook rather quick, preparation always take tons of my time. And doing dishes and cleaning up after? So not worth it after I eat alone.

I do cook for my partner or friends sometimes, and that’s a joy. But then I totally hate cleaning up so I never host house parties.

In the end, I end up making some easy to cook recipes over the last few years. Variations of what I already know, simplified versions so to speak. Even then I still dread whenever I have to.

Oh well, the struggle is real!