MakerSquare Day 2

This is a first post, on the second day at MakerSquare after my third night in Austin. I’m still in a bit of a haze after leaving my family and the cold in Wyoming and making my way down to the Lone Star State for three months of intensive JavaScript learning. I’m now the proud owner of a fixed-gear bike, but something tells me I need to work on my facial hair and tattoo collection before I can really start to blend in.

My goal is to maintain a daily blog of my experience with MakerSquare, but chances are high it will be more of a daily/2 type of gig. Only the future knows.

Day 1 was full of meeting the cohort and staff, an introduction to the space, some review of precourse work, our first foray into paired programming, and a good chance to shake out the jitters that have been building with the anticipation of getting started.

Today was a little more focused on programming concepts and a little less introductory. We spent some more good time covering precourse work and really wrapping our brains around concepts like memoize and some of the fundamentals of how JavaScript executes code in runtime. There were a few ‘ah ha’ moments and many ‘can we run through that one more time?’ instances as well.

I’m going to leave this first attempt at daily documentation at that for now. Sleep is so close.

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