MakerSquare Week 2 Day 3

I woke up this morning sweating. I’d just emerged from a terrifying dream: I had to resolve where ‘this’ was pointing to in a nested function… while on a boat… that was sinking. After a few moments of gathering myself and realizing I was actually in my rented bed at the ‘Hip Hotel’ (AirBnB title for the room I’m renting), I was able to lay back down get a precious few minutes of extra rest before a 6:30AM meeting with my brother.

Week 2 Day 3 could best be summed up as trying to slow dance with an elephant while being run over by a steam roller. Kyle Simpson came in to kick off an impromptu 4-day sprint covering nested callbacks, promises, ‘thunk’, closures and ‘this’. It’s exciting to have a noted javascript guru in our midst and his lectures are clear and concise. At this point, my only complaint is the density. There was so much to ingest and the general cohort mood could be likened to pirates planning a mutiny. We also weren’t allowed the chance to dig in to the code as we’ve grown accustomed to the last few days — which may have contributed to the unrest.

It was a day of study, lectures, more study and quite a bit of confusion. The hope is that the ‘ah ha’ moments will come when we start to get dirty in sprint code problems. We’ll see how that goes.