The Patient Work of Waiting

Waiting is not a passive enterprise.

There is a meaningful purpose to be found in waiting. The prolonged period of gestation from idea to realization or hope to dream fulfilled carries with it a special significance: it is a fertile bed for personal growth and development. The lessons we learn in the at-times uncomfortable, at-times unbearable, yet altogether necessary waiting are what determine how effectively we proceed along our journey.

Conversely if we spend all of our time looking to the horizon or hoping only to finally arrive, we do so at the expense of both being able to learn from our present circumstances and examine where it is we are actually heading. Ironically it more often than not prolongs the waiting because we are ill-equipped and directionless, unable to press ahead.

I propose then that the end is not the goal of waiting. Learning is the goal. For if we learn all that we can in whatever season we inhabit, we bolster our ability to continue to learn from whatever else may come as we continue onward.

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