Man, people really like using the word “censorship.”
Freddie Wong

Great summary of the situation. I don’t think Youtubers are completely wrong to feel blindsided by this new decision, though. Some warning, or an appeal system might have helped people to feel a bit more at ease. Youtube doesn’t owe it’s content creators anything, technically, but a show of faith would help them with community relations.

What Youtube has done, though, certainly isn’t censorship. They have every right to remove, demonetize, or flag offensive content.

Pretending that this is “censoring” the content is pretty ridiculous. You still have the platform and audience and ability to make and publish videos that don’t violate the guidelines of the platform, you just can’t DIRECTLY make money off of them, so as Freddie suggests, if you’re affected, it’s simply of asking for money directly from viewers. And if viewers really feel as slighted as they’re acting right now, they’ll jump on board and pay the creators for their content.