At the risk of sounding self-promotional, that’s what I’ve been working on for the better part of a year. I’m only interested in making interesting things for interested people. Want to support it or be part of it? Ping me. I love talking.
Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved
Joshua Topolsky

I love what you are doing but I am afraid that you are still that much older than me that you’d be creating something for “old” people which is only a diminishing field. As an example — I open every verge article and doesn’t read any of them. I just don’t read anymore. Audiobooks and podcasts are coming out at such a high caliber that reading articles containing no less value than their headline is useless and given I don’t have a relationship to those writing — as they only write — I simply do not care. Like you said, you can’t make everyone happy and I can’t care about the blandness of 99% of all articles. A BuzzFeed list says more to me than a longform and if you don’t know why then I fear you are too old. It isn’t because of the longform but because journalists write longforms about stuff they actually do not care about.

But what about knowledge? If I was looking for knowledge any abstract of any academic paper contains much more factual than any longform ever can. Journalists are again caught in another timeframe for how long these things can take to spit out and how.

I hope you see my dilemma — Where do I start my relationship with The New Yorker to gain the interest in reading about something worth my time? Do I try so sift through the mountains of shit with a straw or — Do I as I do, find podcasts, TED talks and The Economist Audio to fill up my bus/toilet/workout/cleaning time.

There is a reason why I stopped watching cable 10 years ago — It turned out I’d be just fine without the 5 day prognose.

Anyways, I study anthropology and technology — Let me know if I can help in any way shape or form.