Promises matter, OnePlus
David Monteiro

I was one of the first to buy I OnePlus One, my screen cracked, I sent it in, payed, they sent me another that was completely broken, I sent it in, but given the lack of structure at the time they asked me if I could help them by sending it in rather than having someone picking it up.

I sent it in the cheapest way possible to help them out. Which is without registration. Keep in mind they never specified what type I should sent it with, and having waited for 5 months and payed for something I still hadn’t recieved I wasn’t too keen as a student to pay extra to help them who seemingly didn’t care at all. And was I suppose to know that I couldn’t trust them? I felt​ like I fucking fool.

In the end they had the gal to fucking tell me they couldn’t find it and that it was my fault for helping them out.

Lost a phone plus repair and lived without a phone for almost 6 month, having waited for their service which I had already payed for.

Fuck these people. I don’t know what kind of hype culture they live on, but they sure as fuck role over their own fans as soon as they can. Great culture. /S

In the end, after 6 months and me having helped​ them, they just ignored me.