It’s so challenging, isn’t it?

You bust your hump to create a category-defining product with hockey-stick growth, you constantly roll out new features, throw piles of cash toward Facebook ads, and work overtime to get people to sign up for said product.

And then what happens?

( I realize interstellar events don’t make sounds, but bear with me )

What’s that sucking sound?


“Whoa, there’s a workshop for user onboarding?”

Yes, there is! Ever feel like your hard-earned signups aren’t sticking around as long as they could be? Or that your onboarding experience isn’t quite right, but you’re just not sure how to improve it?

This workshop is designed to make you SUPER smart with all of that.

“And you’re teaching it?”

Yep, this…

Ask yourself a simple question and create a product that people love.

photo by Wikimedia user Clicsouris

An elementary school teacher of mine once assigned us an exercise that seemed simple on the surface, but turned out to be surprisingly complex.

The assignment’s simple-seeming description was this: “Write out each of the steps involved in making…

Or: Why I Don’t Keep Office Hours

A photograph shot using a style called “day for night”, in which a photo taken in sunny conditions is treated in postproduction to resemble nighttime.

I reside in Portland, OR, which means I live in the Pacific Time Zone.

However, I don’t really “live” on Pacific Time Zone hours. The hours I keep are more like someone from Tokyo.

In fact, no matter where on Earth I live, the hours I keep are more like…

Samuel Hulick

I turn web experiences into better life experiences.

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