You guys have no idea how long I’ve waited and craved for your presence. it’s unfathomable.

I love you

Always remember that I love you. I’m your biggest and craziest fan alive that you would never want to let down, no matter the circumstance. note that. I think you’re amazing, you’re exceptional and you’re special. Let no one tell you otherwise not even your own selves. You’re already great, you know, and no one can change that. When you go wrong, I’ll scold you and make you feel bad but it doesn’t take away one bit of my love for you.

Talk to me

Call me when you’re in need, in danger, in love, in distress, in anger, in ecstasy, trust me i’ll be there. there’s nothing i’ll put before your needs so don’t hesitate to summon me when the need arises. not ‘if’ but ‘when’. if you don’t feel like talking at a certain point, it’s okay i’ll understand but i’ll be expecting you to tell me at your own desired time — whenever you feel comfortable.

Everything you experience should serve as a lesson

Pay attention to your surroundings. Not everything you’re going to learn will be from the classroom. The most essential life lessons are learnt out of those rooms so make use of all the experiences that you encounter. You’ll make mistakes and that’s fine (you’re human), jot them down and move on remembering not to repeat it. It’s only a fool that makes the same mistake twice. The challenges will come and that’s stark normal. Seek new experiences and do not be afraid to try, it may be worth it!

Treat girls exceptionally

There’s no way you should hit a girl or do any other stupid stuff to her. No way. You do not want to be referred to as a ‘player’ or anything related. Do not entertain anyone that believes girls should be treated like shit. Treat them in the way you would want another guy to treat your own sister. They’re not your toys, slaves or whatsoever. Whether they’re your friends, acquaintances, closest friends or enemies, they must be treated fairly.

Fall in love

Do not be afraid to fall in love. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings and should not be taken for granted. Ensure that you fall in love with someone you’re extra comfortable with and love beyond anyone’s comprehension. Do not play with another’s feelings, my dear. Do not also force another to love you, you’ll regret it with all your heart and misery will definitely escort you. Make sure this person is one you can picture your future with and not just anyone. She should be there when you need her (and vice versa), you should be able to share almost everything once you’re comfortable. You should learn to understand each other and make the right decisions together. Do not create opportunities for her to question your love for her or doubt the words that come out of your mouth. No. That’s not the way forward. Show that you care, be there, ask questions, make her smile, surprise her, make her your only princess, treat her like your gem, speak well of her, spend time, talk to her, love her unconditionally.

You’re not always right

It’s not everything that you want that must be given to you. So relax, it might not even be what you deserve. Take a chill. You may think you’re always right but no, no, no. Learn to listen to others and not too quick to speak or react. That way, the number of cracked and broken items get to reduce at home.

Let’s come to a compromise

You may think you’re a big boy already and ready to go the extra mile. Don’t be in a rush to grow; trust me. You will want to explorrreeee and do so much more. In everything, feel free to ask. At least we could come to a compromise, you know.

Define your own happiness

Do not allow people to control your life. Make friends (very important) but remember that they’re not there to direct you in life. We can all be a guide to one another but to control is a different ball game. Let no one step on what makes you happy. Outline what makes you excited and do not be afraid to go for them.


allow me to trust you and trust me also. have fun, be good and mummy loves you always.

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