Week Four: It’s Tough, Really Tough!

Another tough week but a week closer to Paris. On Sunday I completed 12 miles, 1 mile off the total I’ll need to do in Paris, and felt I could have pushed myself through a further mile if I needed to. That being said I found this run significantly harder than the previous week. “Well obviously, Sam. 12 miles is further than 10 miles” you may say but when I say harder I mean much, much harder. As in, can’t feel your legs and don’t know whether you’re actually still moving or not harder. Regardless, the pace was good again (8.04mins per mile) and with less than 2 weeks until Paris I am starting to feel well prepared.

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Tractors & Turds

After a business trip to Leicester this week I jumped on the train down to Gloucestershire where my parents live. Somewhat in the middle of nowhere, the tiny village they live in couldn’t be further from London in terms of experience. Unfortunately, it does also mean the roads and paths are slightly less… intact than London’s vast concrete networks. This made for more challenging runs on Friday and Sunday along with the increased peril of being squished by a tractor or falling into one of the mountains of manure littering the road. When my nostrils weren’t being filled with the fumes of steaming excrement it was actually very pleasant to run along the canals and the scenery was much more calming than the scrambling pedestrian chaos of Brixton high street.

The running route along the canal

What’s Next?

This week I begin the burn down to Paris. By this I mean the hardest regular running is over to ensure I do not injure myself and prevent fatigue ahead of March 5, although I will still be clocking up 25 miles this week. On Sunday I will be running 14 miles, another distance PB. This will exceed the distance I need to cover at Paris, putting me both mentally and physically in a position to hit the half marathon with confidence.

Interestingly by the end of this week I will have run the equivalent of travelling to Calais and back. Considering where I’ve come in just 4 weeks — running at a pace of 9.30min per mile and struggling to complete 4 miles- I’m delighted. Only 2 weeks to go.

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Running track of the week: Bitter End by Rag’N’Bone Man

Total distance run: 90.52 miles / 145.68 km (25.47 miles / 40.99 km for this week)

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