The passion for bringing people into the full knowledge of cryptocurrency and Blockchain all started in 2016 when I first read about cryptocurrency and Blockchain ,its benefits and how it can change the world. Although I had little knowledge about it then, but the little I read was enough to make me believe that Blockchain and cryptocurrency would take over most industries around the world.

Ever since then, I’ve been using my personal funds to sponsor meetups most especially in Uyo (Link to my first EOS hangout in Uyo), then later I started moving to other parts of Nigeria.

Thanks to eosnation, my work of educating Africans is now easier and less stressful. After the first meetup in Uyo i just knew there was a need to do more work around south south of Nigeria. Now I am in Port Harcourt and with the support from eosnation, crypto (EOS)awareness is about to get to the next level.

Unlike Uyo, Port Harcourt has a low graphene Blockchain community, although Port Harcourt is way richer and advanced than uyo, Port Harcourt seemed to be backward in this new technology.

I believe with eosnation, my stay in Port Harcourt will bring the knowledge of EOS Blockchain to the city and neighboring cities.


On the 28th of July, the first ever EOS meet-up held in Port Harcourt held at Chiro plaza. Although the planning for the meetup was done when i was still in Uyo, the meetup attracted just about 10 persons,but only 8 of them stayed till the end.

The meetup held for 3 hours and it was actually more like a cryptocurrency class and not a meetup. Most of them just knew there was something like bitcoin and didn’t know about any other cryptocurrency.

I went ahead to teach them about cryptocurrency, what Blockchain is and how it works, the different types of blockchains we have etc.

After the general introduction to Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency, I talked to them about EOS, showing them how EOS is the better version of Ethereum. Since it was like a beginner class. I used to show them how much work EOS and Ethereum are doing and how much capacity each Blockchain uses to carry out transactions within 24 hours.

I believe this meetup is the beginning of an eos community in Port Harcourt and its neighboring cities.

Big thanks to eosnation for fully sponsoring this meetup.