5 Best Place to Visit in Iceland

Iceland is a small country yet very beautiful nation located in Europe. 70% of Iceland is fully covered by Glaciers. It has a surprisingly mild climate and countless geothermal hot-spots and hot springs. Illuminated by the Northern Lights in the winter and the midnight sun in the summer, Iceland shines in any season, offering you a travel experience unlike anywhere else on the planet.


Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa. Where you can get there to cure the skin diseases as well. The lagoon is a man-made lagoon which is fed by the water output of the nearby geothermal plant Svartsengi and is renewed every two days. Superheated water is vented from the ground near a lava flow and used to run turbines that generate electricity.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Best place to start an adventure is Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. With lots of cliffs and mountains, the beauty of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is never be forget. Hiking is a famous thing why people go there for.

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Landmannalaugar is famous for hiking and sight seeing. The most popular hiking routes is 2 hour long trail. You also view the lava field in hiking adventure. The Iceland Touring Association operates a mountain hut with sleeping bag accommodation for 75 people and a public toilet with showers


It is a volcanic lake in Iceland with 37 km area. Mývatn Nature Baths have a naturally heated man-made lagoon, with mineral-rich waters known for their health-giving properties.


It is a largest and capital city of Iceland. It is a most populated city in Iceland with 120,000 people. With its appealing array of shops, bars and restaurants, the central thoroughfare of Laugavegur is worth exploring too.