10 Best Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is a beautiful and most developed country in world and lies on Asia. Japan has conquered all the world with it’s technology and automobiles but still Japan has preserved it’s primitive stages things to it’s culture.

This nation is completely involved in culture, tradition, ancient and temples. Japan is visited by millions of tourist yearly. So, we list here some of the best places to visit in Japan.

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Hotel Average: $50/Per Night

Kamakura is sea side town in south of Tokyo. This city was once most important city in Japan, where military government rule this Japan from this city for hundred years.

It is just less than hour far from Tokyo. It is most recognized for Kotoku-in Temple’s great Buddha which is 13m high made of bronze. This statue is not a ordinary but it has a history from 1200 century. So, it is worth to visit and observe that area.


Hiroshima is famous city in Japan due to it’s one reason. Bomb well forget about it now it is famous due to it’s beauty. This city has a old history too.

This city has peace parks, Peace memorial and Peace Memorial Museum. You can also visit Itsukushima(shown in picture) and Shukkei-en a famous park.


Hotel Average: $70

It is a famous city in Japan. This city is famous for classical Buddhist temples and palaces as well. This place is also famous for it’s festival called Gion Matsuri. Busy city with more than 1.5 Million people this city s worth exploring.

Technology has gone big in this area if you are a tech guy and wanna travel teach city than you can also keep this city in list.


This places is a first Japanese port to open for foreign trade. You can explore large china town with lots of Chinese hotels and people in this area. You can see Bankoku Bridge, Yamashita Park, Yokohoma Chinatown and a lot.


This place is famous due to it’s beauty you can explore Mt. Fuji and varieties from this place. This area is a place loaded with hot springs, museums and other recreation offices , it is a district where you’ll appreciate the four seasons while seeing Mt. Fuji. Lake Ashi is also near to this place.


Nara comes always top list when I think about a Japan. It is a first permanent capital of japan built in 710 A.D. Just within hour far from Kyoto. This city has a oldest and largest temple. You can guess how people where at hat time, how they used to live if you visit this place and explore. Toda-Ji, Nara Park, Heijo palace, Horyo-ji are some of the famous sights to see n this area.


Osaka is largest city which has raised lots of family economically. It is also a famous place for commercial and business. It is famous for night life and modern architecture. This place is main historical landmark. This place is surrounded by palms, parks and green scene. This place is worth exploring.


Nikko is a small town located in a Japan. You can get lots of hot spring in this area. Temple founded in 8 century this town has it’s own long prestige and history. You can see 8m high wooden Buddha Idol in this area. This place is also a religious place in a Japan.

Yamanshi Prefecture

It is a famous prefecture in Japan. It has the northern part of Mount Fuji, where hundreds of lots of visitors climb to the summit every year. The region is renowned for hiking, climbing, fishing and skiing.

You can also see ancient temples, lakes and specially mountain in this area. Visitors can also see the last remains of 15 century castle in this area. So, if you visit Japan don’t forget to visit this area becaus Mt. Fuji lies here.


And finally one of the busiest and famous city in the world. Tokyo is very busy city and technology city in Japan okay in world too. This city is mixture of ancient to future. Old temples, castle to skyscrapers. Just walking around the city gives you clear ideas about ancient to future.

Hotels are quite expensive here but night life, lights and beauty is everywhere.