Working Solutions — a unique company

Working Solutions is a unique company which I had some brief experience with. I’m not the most outgoing person and sometimes have difficulty sharing my inner thoughts and feelings, and had let personal life distractions get the better of me and didn’t give my all to my role in the company like I had wished I did in retrospect, but there were some things which struck me about the company which I wish I had found a way to express:

*Working Solutions had an upbeat atmosphere which is hard to put in words — while life can seem hectic sometimes and we tend to prioritize things such as salary, my feeling is that the atmosphere of the company environment says more about it than merely externals such as salary, job title, or other benefits.

*When I took the time to truly listen to others at the company, I had a feeling that many there had inner contentment which extended beyond the trappings of the “work” itself — Mark Twain said that “work and play are the same thing under different circumstances” — this is something I’ve been trying to learn and perfect.

All in all, I feel that today we are often disconnected from the bigger picture of what we do in life, work and general. While there are plenty of overly-complicated theories as to why, such as Marx’s “division of labor”, I’m seeing this as unnecessary and that it ultimately begins with us and the way we think and talk about what we do — seeing work as more than just “a job”, but a more integrated part of our lives and who we are.

Working Solutions is a company which to me, which demonstrated a better attitude toward work and its meaning in our lives than many out there, and this is something I wish I had appreciated more in words and action.

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